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Mexican Workers, the obvious choice.

Many US employers are familiar with Mexican workers. We have a large population of US citizens and residents with Mexican heritage. They have been part of America since the beginning of our country.

It is reasonable to look to Mexico for willing workers when we cannot find sufficient eligible US workers willing to tackle some of our seasonal and temporary job openings.Since Mexico is next door, it is easy to travel back and forth.

When we at USAMEX Ltd explore Mexico, we find:

  • People with a strong work ethic.
  • Happy, agreeable people who we like a lot.
  • Workers who need to increase their earnings.
  • Skilled workers
  • Motivated workers
  • Under-employed workers

Millions have crossed our borders without permission to work here in the US. While these workers are often willing workers they can offer real problems to the unwary employer. Here are some problems employers relate to us.

  • False documents.
  • Transient workers
  • Legal problems
  • Penalties and fines
  • Finding workers who will return from year to year.

So many employers that we talk to feel that they are trapped in the "undocumented worker" system. They are looking for a way out but don't know how to resolve the problem. There are no easy answers.

Current H2A and H2B programs offer solutions for many who cannot find the legal work force they need.



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